About CivCraft Edit

CivCraft is one of the few remaining historical RP and PVP servers. Our goal is to maintain a friendly community of like-minded players that loves History and role playing. We offer a huge Earth map for you to make it your play garden with a lot of options and ways you can play. 

Time Period Edit

The CivCraft alternative world started in the year 1785 AD, and progresses one year every four IRL days. The late 18th century is characterized by its heavy winds of personal freedom and the enlightenment which spreads through all of Europe. France stands on the brink of civil unrest and revolution, The Holy Roman Empire becomes weaker and weaker for every day and The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is crushed By its neighbors. While at the same time The UK is blossoming and Europe is slowly bringing itself into the daylight, this can only mean good. 


Europe: Edit

Austria - Denmark - France - Genoa - Holy Roman Empire - Lucca - Malta - Modena - Naples - Netherlands - Ottoman Empire - Piedmont-Sardinia - Poland-Lithuania - Portugal - Prussia - Russian Empire - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Svalbard - Tuscany - United Kingdom - Venice

Americas: Edit

Cherokee - Chickasaw - Choctaw - Creek - Cuba - Dominican Republic - Haiti - Jamaica - Seminole - United States

Asia: Edit

Burma - Cambodia - Carnatic - Dutch East Indies - Japan - Joseon (Korea) - Kandy - Maratha - Mughal - Mysore - Portuguese Timor - Qing - Rajput - Siam - Travancore - Vietnam

Africa: Edit

Abyssinia (Ethiopia) - Morocco

Middle East: Edit

Saudi - Yemen

Families/Dynasties: Edit

Surviving: Edit

The Chekri Dynasty - The Augustus Family - The Alaungpaya/Konbaung/Alompra Dynasty

Dead: Edit

The Agnes Family

Wars: Edit

The French Revolution - Coup of 18 Brumarie - Cuban-Spanish War - German War of Dutch Annexation

Alliances/Pacts: Edit

Grand Eastern Coalition

Latest activityEdit

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